New to Firmly Rooted, or to church altogether? We understand that going to a new church for the first time could be intimidating, especially in the midst of Covid-19. You probably have a lot of questions and if we can’t answer them all here, please reach out to us! We have two in-person campuses (Oxford MI, Greendale IN) and we also have an amazing online campus!

Things to know before you join one of our in-person events: 

Mask are required when you walk in and if you’re walking around we ask that you would keep it on, but all of our seating is socially distanced so feel free to remove your mask while seated.

Ok, you made it this far so please accept our invitation and join us at throughout the week or on Sunday morning at 10:10am for worship! If you’re wanting to go a little deeper (and even ask some questions!) you can join us for Bibe study at 9:00am. For more ways to connect, click here.


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