01/07/19 Daily Devotion – He is I AM!

“God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ” ” (Exodus 3:14, NASB95)

Moses finally asks the obvious question, “Who should I say You are when they ask me?”  And God says, “I AM”.  Normally, that would be the beginning of what needs to be said.  If you were to ask me who I am, I would say, “I am Tom Donnelly.”  God says, I AM.  He leaves it right there.  He uses the form “to be” and provides no qualifier.  He is BEING itself.  He is existence itself.  To add anything else would already begin to limit who God is.  He is the being that creates and sustains all things.  Nothing exists outside of His influence.  He is both eternal and ever-present.  This is deep philosophical and spiritual stuff, but it also has very practical meaning for us.

Given the above description of God of Himself, does it surprise you that the Apostle John records Jesus using the phrase “I am” more than 10 times.  John says that Jesus IS the Word, Light, Truth, Life, Peace, Good Shepherd, Gate, Way, Living Water, Vine, etc.  One of the most startling quotes of Jesus is when He says, “…before Abraham was, I AM.” (Jn. 8:58)  In those words He claims to be the very God (I AM) that Moses spoke to in the burning bush.  He is a God who deeply wants to touch us and our lives.  He wants to bring us all that He IS and redeem us back to what we (mankind) once were.

This great and awesome God who spoke to Moses from the burning bush still speaks today.  He speaks through His Word to our hearts.  Know today that the great I AM loves you and desires to live in communion with you.  Let’s spend some time today resting on the holy ground of God’s Word and simply be in the presence of I AM.


Pastor Tom



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