07/10/20 Daily Devotion – “Greater things will you do”

“Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.” (Acts 2:41, NIV84)

Jesus once told the disciples that they would do greater things in their ministry than He did in His own. Not that the disciples would do something greater than the salvation of the world, but they would have a greater impact on the Earth’s inhabitants than He did. When Jesus died, it is recorded that fewer than 200 people were actively following Him. In our verse for today, it is stated that 3,000 converts to Christianity were added to that number. The promised Holy Spirit was providing the persuasion and power to create faith in many. And this was just the beginning. As these believers began to share their faith with others, the Holy Spirit worked through their witness to touch the lives of thousands more. By the time the last disciples passed away, tens of thousands of believers were spread throughout the Roman empire. Truly, by the Spirit’s power, the disciples were doing great things for the kingdom of God.

This movement of the Holy Spirit did not end with the disciples. It continues today, as faithful Christians witness to their faith and allow the Spirit to work through their lives and words. I recently read an article that the Christian church in Africa is growing at book-of-Acts proportions. The Holy Spirit continues to win people of every tongue and every nation to the kingdom of God. You and I have the awesome opportunity to join the saints who have gone before us and boldly testify to the redemption we have in Jesus Christ. We only need to offer ourselves to God as His tool for His using.

Let’s do our part!


Pastor Tom


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