05/10/23 Daily Devotion – Let’s pray!

“So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” (Acts 12:5, NIV84)

I marvel at the spiritual maturity of this young Christian church. It had begun to experience heavy persecution. Even though Saul (Paul) had been converted to the faith, the persecution persisted from the Roman Empire and the religious leaders of the Jewish faith. The church had experienced the arrest of its leadership. James, the brother of John, had been killed, and now Peter was in prison again. Under this kind of pressure, who would have blamed this young church for falling apart? I know churches that have fallen apart over much less, and they had decades under their belt. But what does this young church do? Pray! That’s right! Pray.

We as Christians need to find this kind of bold confidence in God to deal with issues we can’t do anything about. For some reason we tend to use prayer as a last resort. After we have clawed, scratched and tried to fight our way out of our problem, we finally turn to the Lord in prayer. We need to realize that we have this thing backward. We need to call upon the Lord first. When everything seems dark and dismal and like there is no way out, we need to remember that nothing is dark to God and nothing is too hard for Him either. If you read on past these verses you will find that God responds to the believers’ prayer in the most amazing way.

He promises to answer our prayers, too. When everything in your life seems upside-down and impossible, remember that God always sees everything perfectly and nothing is impossible with Him.


Pastor Tom


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