08/31/2020 Daily Devotion – They went back to jail?

“When it was daylight, the magistrates sent their officers to the jailer with the order: ‘Release those men.’ The jailer told Paul, ‘The magistrates have ordered that you and Silas be released. Now you can leave. Go in peace.’” Acts 16:35&36 (NIV84)

Paul and Silas had experienced an Earth-quaking, chains-falling, prison-doors-opening miracle of God, and then the disciples went willingly back to jail? You have to be kidding! I personally would be dashing out of town. The flogging they received the night before would have been enough motivation for me to run and not look back. But you see, the earth-quaking, chains-falling, and prison-doors-opening miracle was not for their release this time. This time it was for the jailer’s spiritual conversion. Paul and Silas returned to their prison cell while offering their lives to the God who set the jailer free. Knowing that the jailer might have lost his life if they weren’t found to be in jail the next day, they put themselves back into danger for his safety.

They walked by faith, and not by sight! They trusted that the God who causes the earth to shake and hearts of stone to change into hearts of flesh could take care of their tomorrow. What about you and me? I have to confess that too much of my time is spent worrying about a tomorrow I cannot control. I often look at the circumstances of my life through my eyes of sight and feel that I must understand and control all the facets of my life (and sometimes the lives of those around me). How much freer my life would be if I weren’t working so hard to control the things that God alone can control. May we open our eyes of faith and see that the God who causes the earth to quake and converts the hearts of men is the God who will be with us in our tomorrow.


Pastor Tom

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