06/07/23 Daily Devotion – A little R&R is vital!

“After spending some time in Antioch, Paul set out from there and traveled from place to place throughout the region of Galatia and Phrygia, strengthening all the disciples.” (Acts 18:23)

We all need a little rest and relaxation once in awhile. R&R is built right into how the military deals with its personnel. No one can be on the front lines indefinitely. A soldier needs rest from the highly intense state he or she must be in when in the heat of battle. The same is true for spiritual soldiers. We need the opportunity to relax and replenish the energy lost out on the battlefield. The same was true for the Apostles, too. Were you aware that Paul was not a permanent missionary? Not in the sense that he picked up and traveled to a foreign country for the rest of his life. He had several missionary journeys that always brought him home to Antioch when they were finished. Antioch was his Christian home. It is where he went after his conversion and where he ministered before his missionary journeys began. It was his spiritual home.

We all need the same opportunity. We live in the world every day. We run the race and fight the fight, and it can get exhausting. It is important to get away and get replenished. I often describe myself as a sponge that is completely rung out and needs to be put back in the bucket to get filled again. So, what’s in your bucket? Well, I’ll tell you what’s in mine and maybe you can use a couple ideas. I get up before everyone else in the house so I can have some time with God in word and prayer. I listen to Christian music as often as I can. When things get stressful and I’m losing focus, I go outside for a couple minutes to reclaim my perspective and priorities. I confide in my bride. I share with her my hopes, fears, and dreams. Those are a few of the things I do in my busy life to get a little R&R. Feel free to share what you do!


Pastor Tom


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