10/29/2020 Daily Devotion – What really counts?!

“Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing. Keeping God’s commands is what counts.” (1 Corinthians 7:19 NIV84)

Have you ever heard Christians state the date of their conversion or baptism or confirmation? In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with that. These are important moments in a Christian’s life. They have direct roots in the Scriptures and reflect our obedient response to God’s Word. In our verse for today, Paul was talking about circumcision. Circumcision in the Old Testament was like our New Testament baptism. In Paul’s day, believers were being pressured to follow the Old Testament practices as additional acts of obedience to God. I love Paul’s response. He said, “Keeping God’s commands is what counts.” But isn’t circumcision one of God’s commands? Paul was saying more than the fact that baptism replaces circumcision. He was addressing the need for us to measure our Christianity by events as opposed to daily obedience to God’s Word.

God’s first desire for us is that we live in daily obedience to His Word. Periodic moments are just that — periodic. God wants us to be in constant communion/fellowship/relationship with Him. What really counts is that we are continuously living in, and for, the kingdom of God. God doesn’t want us focusing on Christian moments, but on Christian living. So, as always, what really matters is God’s Word. God wants our focus to be on His Word and let the moments come and go as they will.

May we today, and every day, focus on what really matters!


Pastor Tom

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