05/17/19 Daily Devotion – Justice WILL prevail!

“Woe to him who builds his realm by unjust gain to set his nest on high, to escape the clutches of ruin! You have plotted the ruin of many peoples, shaming your own house and forfeiting your life. The stones of the wall will cry out, and the beams of the woodwork will echo it.” (Habakkuk 2:9–11, NIV)

The Lord now assures Habakkuk that He understands the injustices that are bothering him. In this section of chapter 2, the Lord is describing the very things that Habakkuk is concerned about. We should derive comfort from these verses because it is proof that God does see and understand. If He can describe our situations in detail, then He must know and understand what is happening. The Lord says that the “stones of the wall cry out…”. That which is plotted in secret is not secret at all. God is aware and God is going to act.

The Lord speaks to the futility of plotting injustice and wickedness. He says that, by doing so, you’re “…shaming your own house and forfeiting your life…”. One cannot break God’s moral law for long and not pay a price for it. This is especially true if the weak and the less fortunate are the ones who are affected by the wrong doing. God is swift to bring justice on those who oppress His children.

As children of God, let’s be comforted today that God is fully aware of what is going on around us. He sees and can describe the injustices we face. Let’s trust that He will work in our lives as He faithfully worked in the lives of those who have gone before us.


Pastor Tom


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