09/03/23 Daily Devotion – God’s indescribable gift!

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” (2 Cor. 9:15 NIV84)

It’s not that people haven’t tried. Writers of the Scriptures used adjectives like love, grace, mercy, hope, joy, peace, deep, wide, East and West in attempts to describe God’s gift to us. During the last 2,000 years, millions of poems, hymns, and books have been penned in an attempt to describe the gift God has given us.  In reality, God’s precious gift to us is indescribable. There aren’t enough adjectives to properly capture the true depth of the gift.

I think there are two reasons God’s gift to us is indescribable. First, we are dealing with God. He Himself is indescribable. When we try to describe His gift, we are really trying to capture the heart and will of God, and who can accurately do that!? We get glimpses into His heart, but none of us can grasp it to its true depth. Second, each of us experiences God’s gift from our own perspective. I have experienced His gift in and through the life that Tom Donnelly has lived. His gift meets me where I am, just as it meets you where you are. Our attempts to describe God’s gift will differ in degrees as our experience with the gift differs.

One more thought: As a Christian, how do I describe the gift of God that must be repeatedly applied to my life because I am constantly straying away? How do I describe the depths of a gift that seemingly goes far beyond the depth of my straying life? When it’s all said and done, I’ll leave this devotion by describing God’s gift with one word: Jesus! Yes, Jesus is the gift! May we daily be overwhelmed by our inability to describe what that really means.


Pastor Tom


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