04/01/22 daily Devotion – Believing truth is still a choice!

“Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me!” (John 8:45, NIV84)

I have been studying Ravi Zacharias’ writings lately, and one thing he repeatedly states is that truth pronounced by the most excellent and persuasive speaker doesn’t mean the truth will be accepted or believed by another person holding a different view. People will continue to live in their falsehood and delusion if they so choose, regardless of the truth they are forced to face. Consider an addict being forced to face what is happening to his life. The spoken truth does not necessarily persuade.  Such is the case here in John 8. Jesus has done nothing but proclaim the truth to His hearers, but the religious leaders keep rejecting and keep arguing. Their responses to Jesus are illogical at times, but they seem to say anything that would foster their own sense of reality.

Now isn’t that the key!  We too often adopt a worldview with little or no thought behind it and will defend it even when the truth is against us. Jesus says, “I am telling you the truth, but you are not believing me.”

What is your worldview? Is it defensible? Is it defensible to the truth? I encourage you to read this entire chapter in the book of John. Jesus claims to be the embodiment of truth and the proclaimer of truth because He is the Son of God. Are you regularly listening to the words of Jesus? Is Jesus at the center of your worldview? If not, He needs to be. We need to be open-minded enough to believe that we do not see everything right, and are therefore missing some truth in our worldview.

Let’s open our ears, minds, and hearts to what Jesus is telling us about truth and what it means to our lives.


Pastor Tom


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