04/12/22 Daily Devotion – The connection between love and truth!

“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” (1 Corinthians 13:6, NIV84)

We have been looking at the biblical concept of truth for weeks now. When you are up in the branches of a tree looking under the leaves for fruit, it is easy to lose perspective of the entire orchard. We can get so drawn into the specifics that we lose sight of the bigger picture. We must be careful to never separate truth from love. If they become separated, all that’s left is an argument. We must make sure that as we witness to the truths of God’s Word, we are always motivated by His love. It was His love for a fallen and broken world that moved Him to send His Son (the truth) to testify to the only truth that could redeem and set us free.

When we defend the truth as we see it as Christians, the recipients of our message must feel loved in the process. That will distinguish our message from an argument. Each person must feel that our desire is to win him or her more than to win the debate over the current topic. Just look at Jesus’ teaching ministry. Those who followed and clung to His every word were first and foremost touched by His love. They were willing to face the convicting truths He shared because they knew love was His motivation. Let’s be honest! Isn’t that still true in our lives? We are willing to allow the Word of God to pierce and penetrate our lives, as painful as that can be, because we know that God loves us and the process is for our own good.

I want to touch upon the words delight and rejoice. When we are living out our faith and defending the truth as we ought to, we should experience delight in the process. We should not feel burdened and weighed down but free to rejoice. This can only happen when we have kept the love of God in our defense of the truth.

Today, may our defense of the truth be motivated by love and filled with delight.


Pastor Tom


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