01/22/2023 Daily Devotion – Biblical hope is firmly rooted!

“Do not snatch the word of truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in your laws.” — Psalm 119:43 (NIV84)

Biblical hope is never blind. It doesn’t reach out into nothingness and believe that something might be there. Biblical hope is always firmly rooted in history and ideas. The point is that our hope as Christians is built upon a firm foundation, it is not just floating out there. We have the firm foundation of thousands of years of history where God has graciously provided for the needs of His people. The certainty of that past providence allows us to hope that God will do the same in the present and the future. The foundation of our hope is additionally strengthened by the fact that God has consistently communicated with His people and has been faithful to His Word. This is the side of hope that the psalmist was referring to in the verse above. He was telling the Lord that His Word is so true that it had become a source for his hope.

There is a direct correlation between the certainty of our hope and the certainty of God’s Word. Where is God’s Word as a priority in your life? Are biblical principles defining your life’s words and actions? I know that we all struggle with this on a daily basis. But let’s be certain we know who our struggle is with. Our enemy (Satan) wants us to be less reliant upon God’s Word so that our foundation of hope would be weakened. He would have us attempt to place our hope in places not connected to God’s Word and hence soften our foundation and destroy our hope. He would have us worry and doubt.

We need to remind ourselves constantly that our hope is firmly rooted in a God who has faithfully worked to the benefit of His children through His Word and human history. God promises in His Word to continue to be faithful to us. Today, let’s firmly root our hope in the certainty that God will be faithful to His Word.


Pastor Tom


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