02/18/23 Daily Devotion – The Resurrection!

“’Now then, at the resurrection whose wife will she be, since the seven were married to her?’” (Luke 20:33, NIV84)

This was an awfully strange question for a Sadducee, who didn’t believe in the resurrection, to be asking Jesus. Unless, like the others, his goal was to try to trip Jesus up and catch Him in false teaching. The Sadducee asked Jesus the logical question one would have if they didn’t believe in the resurrection and had a smaller view of God than they ought to have. When things don’t jive with our reason and senses, we tend to force it to fit. We rationalize and justify until we have made even God fit into our thinking. Such was the thinking of the Sadducees. They tried to force their thoughts about eternal life into human logic and ultimately denied the possibility of the resurrection. Instead of asking how God could possibly allow for seven brothers to be the husband of one woman, they should have been pondering the awesomeness of a God who lives in realities that are beyond our minds to fully comprehend.

Too often, we want God to make sense. I understand the comfort we derive from things making sense to our reason, but in the end, then, God is not greater than what our minds can comprehend. I actually find comfort in knowing and believing that God is bigger than me and my reasoning ability. Believing in this kind of a God allows me to have a God who can do things I can’t even imagine. He can make good come from bad situations. He can make the impossible possible. I can’t do things like that. My mind can only dream of such things. God makes these things a reality.

Our God makes living beings out of the dead. He causes blind eyes to see and deaf ears to hear. He has the power to redeem and transform the heart of man. And yes, on the last day, He will cause the dead to rise and we will all experience the resurrection of the dead.


Pastor Tom


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