02/23/23 Daily Devotion – Stand Firm!

“By standing firm you will gain life.” (Luke 21:19, NIV84)

It was nearing the end of the final week of Jesus’ life and He was talking with His disciples about end times. To be clear, Jesus knew the world would not always be the way we see it today. He knew things would get very, very bad, and then He would return to bring us home. Even today, He is in control of human history. The world spins and revolves around the sun because He says so. The Lord allows human history as we know it today to continue for the sake of the Church. The Church has work to do in spreading the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world. When that job is done, the world as we know it will be finished as well.

But things are going to get worse. Everything is going to seem out of control. Governments, people, and even nature itself are going to act out of character. Jesus told the disciples that there would be wars, suffering, earthquakes, famines, that the world would be in a state of chaos before the Lord returns. Jesus was telling His disciples, and tells us, to make sure we stand firm in that chaotic time period. He needed to make sure that we are not overwhelmed by what our eyes of sight see, but rather that we cling to what our eyes of faith see and know to be certain. As the end times come upon us we need to stand firm on the truths of God’s Word. We need to trust and believe that the Lord has not abandoned us but is right by our side. It is during the toughest times of our lives that Satan would have us lose our faith. We need to know that our eternal destiny is in the balance. Jesus tells us, “By standing firm you will gain life.”

No matter what the circumstance are, let’s stand firm and gain life!


Pastor Tom


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