03/07/23 Daily Devotion – Sometimes we don’t want to hear the answer to our own question!

“They all asked, ‘Are you then the Son of God?’ He replied, ‘You are right in saying that I am!'” (Luke 22:70)

This verse frustrates me so much! It’s like when Pilate was standing with Jesus and asked, “What is truth?” to the One who is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. In this verse, the religious leaders finally asked Jesus the question they had been wanting to ask Him for over a year. “Are you the Christ?” They wanted to know whether He was the promised Messiah. They were asking whether Jesus was the One promised by God who would redeem and save His people. And finally they got their long-awaited answer. Jesus said, “You are right in saying that I am!” Yes! Jesus was saying that yes, He is the promised One. He clearly told them that He is the Messiah.

So, what did the religious leaders do with the answer to their question? They rejected it! That’s right! They rejected their Messiah, their Savior, their promised One. Actually, after this very clear answer, everything went downhill. Jesus was mocked, beaten, and sent to Pilate for execution. The religious leaders didn’t want to hear the answer to their own question. And sometimes, neither do we. We reject the very clear words of God and continue to go in a direction of our choosing. But like it was for the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, that rejection can be very costly, even life-altering. I pray that each of us is open to accepting the clear answers to the questions on our hearts and minds.


Pastor Tom


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