11/04/2021 Daily Devotion – I am the One who does all these things!

“The One forming light and creating darkness, Causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the Lord who does all these. ” (Isaiah 45:7, NASB95)

You know what?  I think I am pretty smart sometimes.  No, really!  I know that you find this shocking, but there are times that I think I understand a lot of what is going on.  🙂  Then I find myself face-to-face with God’s Word, and it humbles me.  I read a verse like the one above and say to myself, “Tom, what do you really know and understand?”  I have to admit that I really don’t understand most things.  What I really do is trust in a God who understands.  All I really have come to know is that there are certain absolute truths about how God interacts with us, and this world in which we live.  Because He is unchanging and can’t deny Himself, there are some constants that we can rely on.

We know for certain that He is our Creator.  We know that He continues to preserve us and provide for our physical needs.  He provides light and darkness, rain and sunshine, gravity and air.  He instills moral absolutes into our souls and into our cultures so that we can live civilly (for the most part).  He provides natural consequences (discipline and punishment) for when we break those moral absolutes.   Most importantly, He is our Savior.  He recognizes our brokenness and provides us Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins and the healing of our souls.

As you end this devotion I want you to close your eyes and ponder these words from God, “I am the Lord who does all these things.”  WOW!




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