06/18/23 Daily Devotion – God’s greatest miracle is…!

Coming over to us, he took Paul’s belt, tied his own hands and feet with it and said, “The Holy Spirit says, ‘In this way the Jews of Jerusalem will bind the owner of this belt and will hand him over to the Gentiles.'” When we heard this, we and the people there pleaded with Paul not to go up to Jerusalem. Then Paul answered, “Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” (Acts 21:11-13 NIV84)

I know that the title of this devotion is a bit bold. To assert that I might know what God’s most amazing miracle is, is a bit presumptuous. But hear me out. All that the Lord has done since the fall of man has been for the good or the redemption of humankind. Consider then Paul. Prior to his conversion, Paul was an opposing threat to the kingdom of God. He was actively persecuting, even killing Christians. He was as arrogant a self-righteous Pharisee as any that Jesus faced. It is in this man (and in you and me) that God performs His greatest miracle. God completely transformed Paul’s life. He was moved from persecutor of the followers of Jesus to being a persecuted follower of Jesus. In our text for today, Paul stated that he was willing to die for Jesus. What a role reversal!

That is exactly what Jesus has done in our lives. Just reflect on your life for a moment. Take note of the miracle God has performed in your life as He has completely transformed your heart, mind and soul. See the specific changes that God has worked in you. Now tell me the truth! Isn’t the miracle He performed in you greater than any of the 10 plagues of Egypt, or feeding 5,000, or walking on water?

Today, may we thank and praise God for the miracle He has performed in each one of us!


Pastor Tom


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