04/20/21 Daily Devotion – Homeward bound!

“And on that very day the Lord brought the Israelites out of Egypt by their divisions. (Exodus 12:51 NIV84)

Homeward bound, for me, is the feeling after being away, for example in Haiti, and going home to see my bride. I love being in Haiti. I love traveling for business. But when you know it’s time to go home, something happens inside your heart and soul. I can’t wait to hug Kimberly, pet Max and Rocky, sleep in my bed, sit in my chair. Do you know what I mean? Well, the Israelites didn’t have any of that. They had only heard about a promise given to one of their patriarchs more than 500 years prior. These Israelites had only known slavery in Egypt as their home. But over the last nine plagues the political and social weather had been changing. There must have been a growing anticipation for what the Lord would do next. But this time it was for real, and it was different. The 10th plague was so different from all the others. The Israelites were directed to pack up all their goods and eat that night’s dinner in haste because the next day they were going to make their way home. Not home to somewhere they knew, but simply a home that God had promised.

Boy, if that isn’t a direct parallel to our lives as Christians. We are living as strangers in this world knowing that our home is in Heaven. We don’t know exactly what that home is like, but we know it is good because it is what God Himself has promised us. Just stop for a minute and think about it. Your eternal home is already set in place. Your faith in Jesus has secured that. You don’t have to worry about travel arrangements and preparation. All of that is taken care of as you live out your life of faith with Jesus.

Friends in Christ, we are homeward bound!


Pastor Tom


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