04/27/21 Daily Devotion – Don’t listen to the enemy!

“The enemy boasted, ‘I will pursue, I will overtake them. I will divide the spoils; I will gorge myself on them. I will draw my sword and my hand will destroy them.’ But you blew with your breath, and the sea covered them. They sank like lead in the mighty waters.” — Exodus 15:9&10 (NIV84)

The Enemy is a liar! No one says it more clearly than Jesus in John 8: “He was a murderer from the beginning. Not holding to the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies he speaks his native language because he is a liar and the father of lies.” Although God has declared his promises, and as we know, always faithfully fulfills them, Satan still desires to loudly proclaim lies and deception. His desire is to break our confidence and certainty. He wants to create doubt. Doubt makes us double-minded, and double-mindedness weakens our faith.

Imagine the scene of the Exodus. The Israelites are working their way toward the Red Sea. They are feeling confident and victorious. The Lord faithfully fulfilled His Word to them, and they were basking in that reality. But then the noise begins. First it’s the sound of horses and chariots. Then it’s the sight of the Egyptian army working its way toward the Israelites. These sights and sounds must have terrified them. But they need not fear! Why? God already guaranteed the victory. The Lord positioned Himself between the Egyptians and the Israelites. He miraculously created a road through the sea upon which they were able to get to the other side. And just as the last of the Israelite clan came up on the other side of the sea, the Lord caused the water to collapse around the Egyptian army. They were completely destroyed. God did it all!

Now think about the Last Day. Forces of evil coming together en masse against the Church of God. The enemy is loaded and terrifying. They shout lies about the Church’s weakness and certain defeat. The Church, with eyes of sight, can see the effects of wickedness on the earth. They can measure the toll. But listen, Church! Do not fear! The Lord has promised, and so He will provide certain victory for His Church. In describing the battle of Armageddon, the writer of Revelation tells us the entire battle is won by an act of God. What does He do? He speaks! God speaks, and it is done!

“Tetelestai!” It is finished!


Pastor Tom


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