10/05/2020 Daily Devotion – Gifted for a reason!

“Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed.” (1 Corinthians 1:7 NIV84)

Corinth was a significantly large and important city in the days of the early church, and the Corinthian church was known for its many spiritual gifts. Gifts granted to them for what purpose? Paul clearly implies that they are gifts to be used by the Corinthian Christians until Jesus returns again. But gifts to do what? I know that my questions may seem basic to you. But I am certain that they are not basic to the way that most Christians live out their daily lives. The Corinthian Christians were endowed with tremendous spiritual gifts so that they could use them as members of the body of Christ to reach out to the broken and lost world around them. God grants Christians gifts to be used specifically for work in the kingdom of God.

Many Christians today act like being a Christian is like adopting a philosophical framework to believe in but not to live in. Many adopt a way of belief but not a way of life. We Christians remain on this planet after we become believers because God has work for us to do on this earth for His kingdom. The work is so special that He provides us spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit to get them done. For many of us there are still two things we have to do. The first, is to figure out what our spiritual gifts from the Lord are. The second, is to USE them until we die or until the Lord returns in His glory to bring us home.

May we find our gifts and our place in the Body of Christ.


Pastor Tom

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