07/11/22 Daily Devotion – The truths of God’s kingdom must be revealed!

“He replied, ‘The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them.’” — Matthew 13:11 (NIV84)

No other chapter in the Bible mentions the kingdom of heaven more than the 13th chapter of Matthew. In this chapter Matthew captures Jesus saying most of His “the kingdom of heaven is like…” parables. The parables are pretty short and most people read through them way too fast and don’t catch all that’s there. The first time Jesus mentioned the kingdom of heaven in this chapter is in the verse we have highlighted. Jesus made a distinction between two groups of people (Jesus’ disciples and the religious leaders) and said that the disciples, and not the religious leaders, were given the “knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven.” The disciples were blessed to be the first to hear and comprehend the truths about God’s kingdom.

The thing we need to lock onto here is that there are truths about the kingdom that are not naturally comprehended. One cannot look out into the world and research these truths. The truths of the kingdom must be revealed before comprehension. Jesus came into the world to do just that. His life, words, death and resurrection reveal vital truths about the kingdom of heaven and its connection to our lives. Jesus came to earth, from heaven, so that He might expose the lies of the worldly kingdom in which we live and the truths about the heavenly kingdom that longs to have us as its citizens.

Like the disciples, we have been blessed through the working of the Holy Spirit who created faith in our hearts and continues to share with us the truths of the kingdom of heaven. We have the knowledge of the same secrets the disciples had. Like them, we need to defend, protect and proclaim them. We live in a world that is as desperate (if not more) to gain the knowledge of the same secrets today. So many long to know the freedom and forgiveness, joy and peace, providence and hope that only the kingdom of heaven can provide. Let’s start sharing the secrets of the kingdom to everyone we can.


Pastor Tom


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