10/20/19 Daily Devotion – God’s kingdom prevails!

“Jesus told them another parable: ‘The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.’” — Matthew 13:24 (NIV84)

This is yet another reference to the kingdom of heaven by Jesus in the 13th chapter of Matthew. It was obviously very important to Jesus that He convey to us what the kingdom of heaven is like. Most of his recorded parables are about the kingdom of heaven. The interesting thing is that most of them are about how the kingdom of heaven impacts/conflicts with the kingdom of this world. In this parable Jesus tells us that the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. Note two important things. First, the seed was good. Second, the field was his.

Jesus comes to the earth (His field) and sows good seed (His word). Sounds simple. Sounds easy. The result should be a harvest of good grain. But the parable continues: “While everyone was sleeping, the evil one came and sowed weeds” in the field. His intent was to ruin the Lord’s field and crop. Boy, if that doesn’t bring clarity to the intentions of the two kingdoms. In the parable, the Master’s servants ask the Master whether He wants them to go into the field to pull the weeds. And the Master says, no, to do so now would be dangerous to the good plants. At this point in time they look too much alike, and the Master refuses to bring harm to any of the good plants. The conclusion is that they must grow in the field together. But this was not the end. Thank God this is not the end. You see, the enemy is not the Master’s equal. He may growl and bark, but he has no bite. When the time is right for the harvest, and the distinction between the plants and the weeds is obvious, then the harvest will come. There will be a harvest of what the Master planted, and the weeds will be pulled up, separated, and burned. The enemy will NOT prevail.

The kingdom of heaven is good. God is good. The message of the kingdom is good news. Although we live through trials and tribulations in this world, the good news is that the kingdom of heaven prevails. But not just in the end. Even while we must live in this veil of tears, God is with us. He lovingly provides and protects us as we live in this world but not of it.

Now that’s good!


Pastor Tom




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