02/26/22 Daily Devotion – Let’s be wiser than our enemies!

“Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for they are ever with me.” — Psalm 119:98 (NIV)

How often have you thought of the benefit of being close to the Word of God? Even from a pragmatic perspective, it would be good to be wiser than your enemies. Like the psalmist says, “they are ever with me.” I think he refers both to the Word of God and to his enemies. They are both always present and wanting to have an effect on our lives. Our enemy wants to kill and destroy us. But the Word of God wants to direct and guide us past our enemy so that we might have victory. As I type this I realize how many times in my life I have relied on my own strength and knowledge to do battle with the enemy only to lose the fight and go in shameful retreat.

I am tired of fighting with my own power. I am ready to fight the enemy with the power that God’s Word can provide me. I am ready to do battle with the enemy with the wisdom of God by my side. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would be there to provide us the necessary words needed to fight off the attacks of the devil. Paul tells us in Ephesians chapter 6 to put on the full armor of God as we go out and live our daily lives. He tells us to dress for battle. Every item that he tells us to put on is an item that draws its strength from God’s Word.

Let’s be wiser than our enemy today! Let’s hold steadfast to the Word of God!


Pastor Tom


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