03/09/22 Daily Devotion – God’s word is true! Trust it!

“Now, O Lord God, You are God, and Your words are truth, and You have promised this good thing to Your servant.” — 2 Samuel 7:28 (NASB)

This verse can be found at the end of a very humble prayer from King David. He was amazed at what God had done on his behalf since he was anointed king as a young shepherd. God caused His will to take place in the life of not just King David, but in the lives of an entire nation. Amid heavy opposition from King Saul and other false leaders and teachers, God remained faithful to His Word. Reflecting on all of this, King David said, “Your words are truth.” God ordained a future reality and then made it come true in David’s life.

What this verse keeps telling my heart is that there is a transcendent truth out there. There is something that we can be certain of, and that thing is God and His Word. They both are true because they are inseparable. God is truth! He communicated that truth to us through His Word. David, over years, heard God’s truthful Word and lived to see it fulfilled.

What is God assuring you through His Word today? Is He telling you that even amid trials and suffering you are not alone, and He will deliver you in due time? Is He telling you that your grief will be turned to joy in the resurrection of the dead? Is He telling you that your guilt-ridden soul can be lightened and cleansed by the blood of His Son shed on the cross? All these words are TRUE! Will you receive and believe the truthful word that God has for you today?

I pray, that like King David, we all do!


Pastor Tom


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