03/15/22 Daily Devotion – The choice is not to define truth, but to accept it!

“I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws.” — Psalm 119:30 (NIV84)

For many in our society today, truth is defined in the moment. They would say that truth cannot be an absolute (which is an absolute), but is relative and defined by the person. This worldview makes us the creator and definer of truth. The psalmist would say that there is a choice that is made in the moment, but it is not a choice to define or create truth. Rather, it is the choice between truth and falsehood. Take the law of gravity for a moment. Is it true? Is it an absolute truth? Do I make gravity true by believing in it in the moment? Can I make the law of gravity false in the moment by believing it to be false? No! I could go to the top of a building and jump off to prove that I am the definer of truth when it comes to gravity, but the result will be defined not by my choice, but by the absolute law of gravity that will pull me toward the ground.

The psalmist says, “I have chosen the way of truth.” This implies that there is a defined WAY, and that the way is TRUE. We are not the creators of truth. God is the creator of truth because He alone has the attribute of absolute truth. Just as He created absolute natural laws that govern our physical world, He has created absolute moral truths that govern us as beings who we are in relationship with Him and one another. We can fight and deny these absolute truths, but the results will be the same as defying the law of gravity. Gravity will win. God’s truths will win in the end.

In every moment there is a choice. Before we speak or act, there is that moment of choice. In that moment we are free to choose to respond according to God’s truth or according to the lies of this sinful world. Today and every day, we meditate and ponder God’s Word so that His truths might be on our hearts in those moments of choice.


Pastor Tom


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