04/20/22 Daily devotion – Tolerance should apply to Christianity too!

“They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” (2 Timothy 4:4, NIV84)

What surprises me most about modern thought is its lack of tolerance. There was a day when all thought was worthy of having a place in academic and philosophical arenas. Our society talks about tolerance but has nearly zero for the Judeo-Christian worldview (which just happens to be the oldest worldview on the planet). It seems to have been thrown out of the circle of discussion. People of the Judeo-Christian worldview are promptly told to keep their opinions to themselves. Why is that? Especially coming from a culture that claims to be philosophically and religiously tolerant. It is because of the notion of truth. Our society has fulfilled Paul’s warning in today’s verse and has turned its ears away from the truth. People have literally set up a system in which they do not have to be faced with that potential worldview. This is extremely scary coming from a “free” society like ours.

As defenders of the truth we must be persistent about our worldview being thrown into the mix. It is vital that our society be challenged for its bigoted treatment of a Biblical worldview. Our society tolerates (welcomes) other philosophical and religious thoughts to enter the cultural debate. Society needs to do the same for the world’s oldest worldview. Read the verse above one more time. Let’s not be surprised as to what is happening in our society. Forces of evil desire to turn our hearts and minds away from Divine truth. They desire for us to hold on to myths and lies as truth and so be lost in empty thought and meaningless existence. If knowledge is power, and the truth sets people free, then we must fight for our right to defend our worldview and the truth as we know it.

I pray that our ears are always turned toward God’s truths, and that our voices and our lives are a living witness to that truth.


Pastor Tom


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