10/18/23 Daily Devotion – God changes the calendar!

“The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt, ‘This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year.'” (Exodus 12:1, 2 NIV84)

How significant was the Passover to the Hebrew people? It was so significant that the Lord changed the entire way His people saw their present and future. Their past was forever behind them, and now, their present and future were defined by God’s act of redemption and the changing of the way the Israelites would forever see their future. God changed their calendar. From then on, their New Year would be centered around the celebration of the Passover. Every year they would be able to celebrate the fact that they were freed from their past and were given a present and future hope based upon the redemptive work of God.

The same is true for us as well. History records a change in our calendar from B.C. to A.D. completely centered around the life and death of Jesus our Savior. Our Sabbath (day of rest) was moved to Sunday to memorialize forever the day in which Jesus boldly proclaimed victory over the Devil and death by rising from the dead. I just love the way that God affects our world and forces us to recognize His handiwork. Let’s not get so caught up in the daily grind that we miss God’s daily works. We, too, have been freed from our past and have been given new hope for our present and future. Let’s make sure that our eyes of faith are always catching the works of the kingdom of God. May we rejoice and praise our God, who cares enough about us to touch us where we are. He doesn’t expect us to come to Him. He daily comes to us!


Pastor Tom


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