10/22/23 Daily Devotion – No force in Heaven, or on Earth, can stand against our God!

“On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn — both men and animals — and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the Lord. (Exodus 12:12 NIV84)

I often worry at the flippant way we treat God these days. People seem to be getting militant about their atheism. The thought that keeps coming to mind is that man’s rejection of the truth doesn’t make it any less true. Our rejection of reality doesn’t make it any less real. One can deny the sun’s ability to burn, but in the end, the sun wins and the person gets burned. This truth reveals itself in areas of education, health, relationships, and many others in our lives. We can live as though a certain truth isn’t relevant to our lives, but I assure you, in the end the truth will win.

This is exactly what was going on in this section of Exodus. Egypt had mocked God. They had tried to copy His powers. They had taken advantage of His grace. But most importantly, they had rejected the truth of God’s Word. They refused to listen to Him. Well, in the end, at a great price to the Egyptian people, God’s Word would prevail. We all must come to the terms that God and His Word are not just a philosophical option. He and His Word are true. He will always prevail.

Just look at the empty tomb. Jesus defied reality as we know it by rising from the dead. He defeated sin, death and the Devil through His crucifixion and resurrection. Truly, there is no power in Heaven or on Earth that can contend with our God!


Pastor Tom


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