11/10/2022 Daily Devotion – Who do you say Jesus is?

“‘But what about you?’ he asked. ‘Who do you say I am?’ Peter answered, ‘The Christ of God.’” (Luke 9:20, NIV84)

There are many questions to ponder in life. Some seem so immense they are intimidating. I am here this morning to tell you that the question in this verse is the most important question ever asked. There isn’t a more important question to ponder and answer than this one. If this question is answered properly, then many other deep questions in life become answerable. In our verse for today, Jesus turns to His disciples (and you and me) and asks, “Who do you say I am?” Human beings all over the globe are facing that question daily. People from every nation and ethnic group are coming to terms with who Jesus is to them. The question has been traveling around our planet for more than 2,000 years. How one answers this question has eternal implications.

Some say He was a great teacher. Some conclude that He was a fine moral leader. Others claim He was a miracle worker. But it doesn’t matter what others conclude about Jesus. Jesus wants to know what you conclude about Him. To that question Peter responded, “You are the Christ of God.” He claimed that Jesus was (and is) the long-awaited Messiah who was sent by God to redeem and to save humanity from its brokenness and sin. This is the only conclusion about Jesus that provides eternal security of life and salvation. All other conclusions about Jesus leave our hopes and assurances in this world.

Once we conclude that Jesus is our Savior and Lord, we then can begin to ponder some of the other deep questions of life. But now we ask them from a frame of reference that knows that there is a loving God who has provided us a Savior. We get to ask the deep questions, accepting the presuppositions that God cares about us, knows our needs, loves us anyway and works things to the good of those who love Him. These presuppositions help us in grasping the possible answers to the tough questions of life.

So, have you thought about it lately? Have you been asked the most important question of life directly? If not, here it is: Who do you say Jesus is? Who is Jesus to you? Answer that question correctly and watch everything else come into perspective.


Pastor Tom


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