03/28/20 Daily Devotion – Go ahead, blurt it out Peter-style!

“As the men were leaving Jesus, Peter said to him, ‘Master, it is good for us to be here. Let us put up three shelters — one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.’ (He did not know what he was saying.)” (Luke 9:33, NIV84)

I think men, especially, can relate to this one. I pray we can all get something out of it.

I am telling you, every time I read this account I side with Peter! You know, men may not like raising their hands or holding hands in church. They may not like singing and praying out loud. But they do like things that are powerful and real. Here Peter was on a mountaintop with Jesus and watching as heaven touched earth. It doesn’t get more powerful and real than that. Jesus was glorified before Peter’s very eyes, and Moses and Elijah were there, too. Moses and Elijah would have been common heroes of Jewish boys (and MEN). They were cut from a different cloth. They were real men who had real relationships with God and served a real God with integrity, honor, and courage.

Can we blame Peter for blurting out that it was good to be there and for wondering whether it would be okay to stay? Wouldn’t we all have wanted to stay?! I can imagine what Peter was feeling. At that moment every doubt that he may have had was wiped away. He didn’t have to wonder about heaven. He was seeing it. He didn’t have to wonder about eternal life. He was looking at Moses and Elijah. He didn’t have to wonder whether Jesus was truly the one. The voice of God came to the mountain to confirm that. Men like certainty. And here it was, all balled up in one experience.

But today I ask myself and all you men out there (and ladies, too), are we living in the powerful reality of our faith? Are we living in the certainty of what Jesus has done for us? We don’t have to live in doubt and wonder. Jesus died on the cross to bear our sins, and He has risen from the dead. This is most CERTAINLY true! Let’s hold fast to this truth. Let’s live our lives, courageously defending the principles of the faith we hold to be true. I’m thinking it’s time for us men to become like Peter and say it like it is. We need to live out our Christian lives with a renewed confidence and boldness.

Let’s be courageous men of faith today.


Pastor Tom


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