05/10/22 Daily Devotion – Hoping and wishing are two entirely different things!

“He will not falter or be discouraged till he establishes justice on earth. In his law the islands will put their hope.” — Isaiah 42:4 (NIV84)

So, how certain can our hope be? In the States we tend to interchange the two concepts, hope and wish. For most Americans, to hope that God will respond to their prayers is no different from hoping/wishing that their favorite sports team will win this weekend. Hope is reduced to a wish and has little or no certainty. There is no connection to the Word, will and providence of God. But this is not biblical hope. Biblical hope has that connectedness. It is firmly rooted in God’s Word, will and providence. It is this connectedness that gives it its certainty, and thus makes it true hope.

Read the verse one more time. What is Isaiah saying about hope? This verse is written from God’s perspective. God will not falter or be discouraged. He will establish justice on Earth. Note the global nature of that statement. Isaiah was not simply saying that He will establish justice to one nation, but the entire Earth. How certain can we be that this will happen? Isaiah says, “In His law the islands will put their hope.” Islands are considered to be the most secluded, faraway places on Earth. Often they are characterized as being disconnected from the rest of civilization because of their remoteness. Isaiah is telling us that this truth about God is so certain that the most remote islands will put their hope in it. What powerful imagery!

Our hope is not a wish. It is a certainty. We know the end of the story. We have been redeemed and set free by the death and resurrection of Jesus. We know that while we are here living out our daily lives that there is already a place in Heaven prepared for us by Jesus Himself. This is not a wish. It is a certainty! It is true that while we live life here, circumstances and situations can get confusing and gray at times. This does not mean that God is living in a fog, confused. He knows what we are going through. He promises to work everything out for our good.

Today, even if you feel like you are secluded on an island, put your certain hope in the God who never leaves you alone.


Pastor Tom


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