01/14/2023 Daily Devotion – Have you maintained your ‘saltiness’?

‚ÄúSalt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?” (Luke 14:34 NIV 84)

Salt has a purpose. Actually, it has several purposes. One in particular is its ability to season foods. Salt has a particular flavoring ability to enhance the taste of many foods. Salt sits in the salt shaker, just being salt, until it’s time for its use. One doesn’t have to worry about salt losing its saltiness. Saltiness is what salt does. It can’t do anything else. But if it were possible for salt to somehow lose its saltiness, it would become worthless.

We are God’s children. We are His creation. Our purpose is to glorify Him in all that we do, and honor Him in all that we say. Our life’s purpose is to mirror the image of our creator. If our lives do not glorify Him, if our words do not honor Him, if our lives do not mirror His image, then we cannot fulfill our purpose. We become useless. This is the state of fallen humanity. We have lost our purpose. Jesus ended this verse with a profound question: “How can it be made salty again?” In the world of salt, the answer is it can’t. In the world of humans, this¬†absolutely can happen. We can regain our intentional purpose through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We can be born again by the power of the Holy Spirit and regain our original purpose (saltiness). This redemption and transformation is a reflection of the love of our heavenly Father and His desire to make us right with Him.

Today, if you have lost your saltiness (purpose), do not despair! Jesus can, and will, restore you to your original purpose. Turn to Him and see what He can do.


Pastor Tom


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