12/24/11 Daily Devotion – “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is my absolute favorite Advent hymn.  And on the Eve of Christmas I could not think of a better way to prepare our hearts for Christmas.  The lyrics of this hymn express the dark and repressive nature of the world we live in as we patiently wait the arrival of the giver of life and light.  Note the references to captivity, mourning, Satan’s tyranny, gloomy clouds, death’s dark shadow.  The writer of this hymn understood our enslavement, and our need to be set free.  Who of us hasn’t felt the impact of those things upon our lives?  But it is these things that the Son of God (Emmanuel) comes to ransom, save, disperse, open wide and make safe.  It is my prayer that this Advent Hymn not only be meaningful to us the day before Christmas but everyday of our lives.  For we need Him to come daily to forgive, heal, and save us.

Please click on the link to listen: O Come, O Come Emmanuel



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