12/27/19 Daily Devotion – The secret to JOY!

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” — Philippians 4:4

So yesterday’s devotion focused on the “exceeding great joy” we can and should experience over the message of Christmas. The angels proclaimed it and shepherds and wise men felt it. We, too, are to live in and feel that same joy. Easily said, but not easily done. We live in a dark, dismal world and it is hard to see light and feel joy, let alone “exceeding great joy.”

Is there a secret? The only secret I find in Scripture is perspective. That’s right! Perspective. In Proverbs, Solomon said, “As a man thinks within himself, so he is.” In the text above, Paul tells us to rejoice ALWAYS. And where was he when he wrote this verse but in jail. He had been thrown into prison for proclaiming the Gospel. He was suffering for doing the right thing. Yet he found the ability (perspective) to rejoice and praise God.

So, what are you going through today? Are you suffering through a physical illness? Are you struggling to make a relationship work? Have you lost your job? Do you feel that God has abandoned you while you were doing good things? Have you lost the joy that once filled your heart? Close your eyes of sight and ascend above your trials and tribulations. See that the God of the universe and of your heart is still in control. Know for certain that He can make these troubled times work out to His will and glory. Know for certain that He will restore joy and peace to your life. Know for certain, though your life goes through changes, He NEVER changes. He loves you!

Today, let the joy of the Lord be your strength!


Pastor Tom


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