03/10/23 Daily Devotion – Prophecy fulfilled!

“When they came to the place called the Skull, there they crucified Him, along with the criminals — one on His right, the other on His left.” (Luke 23:33 NIV) In the whole realm of prophecies, there is much discussion about the legitimacy of their fulfillment. Some radicals argue that Jesus may have retroactively fulfilled […]

Advent Devotion – Dec. 23: A prophesy of suffering

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, so far from the words of my groaning?” Psalm 22:1 With this Messianic prophecy we go back to Good Friday. This is one of the seven phrases spoken by Jesus during the crucifixion. This is the first phrase […]

06/09/22 Daily Devotion – What kingdom has dominion over you?

“Establish my footsteps in Your word, And do not let any iniquity have dominion over me.” (Psalm 119:133, NASB95) Jesus told Pilate that His kingdom was not of this world. This statement from Jesus implies two things.  First, that there are kingdoms seeking/exercising dominion. Second, that Jesus’ kingdom is different from the ones of this world. […]

05/09/22 Daily Devotion – The Lord delights in you!

“The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.” — Psalm 147:11 (NIV84) Throughout Psalm we see the connectedness of hope with God’s unfailing love. We hope in the Lord because He promises not to fail us. He promises that all things will work to the good. He promises […]